A new collection dedicated to our best-friends.

We all have those special moments with our four legged friends that we treasure, and all the love that we give them is returned a thousand times over. They are family to us. I am of course talking about dogs.

The tail that wags on your return home, the way they curl themselves into a ball near you when you are sleeping, the excitement when you return home and they want to show how much they have missed you.

Dogs often know us better than we know ourselves, and are the most faithful companions that we have often in our lives. If all of this sounds right to you, that is because nothing is more important to the founder of Maison Marcheval than her dog, Gaston. He is a 9 year old German spaniel, and is the mascot of the brand. He is Maude’s most important collaborator, always at her side for the important decisions. So what better way to thank them, than to produce the very best for them.

That is why Maison Marcheval have commissioned their workshop in Paris to produce a limited series of dog collars made with only the finest, untreated leather from France. These dog collars are made using old fashioned techniques and with an incomparable eye for detail and the utmost respect for quality. The leather has been specially chosen so as to never irritate dogs, and each one is carefully inspected for strength.

The logo is made from real gold, and is then mounted onto the collar by hand, so that your dog can be as proud as you will be of wearing the best. The collars are made to withstand your dog jumping into water, running in the snow, or pretty much anything else that he wants to do. They are made to last forever, and will gain a lovely patina naturally as they age. A portion of the sale of each collar will also go towards a cause dear to Gaston and Maude’s heart, an association for the sheltering and protection of animals, so that they can recover fully and live out their lives in happiness. The charity is called Ava Refuge, and is based in France. www.avarefuge.fr