Maison Marcheval and fashion today






The fashion world has been changing dramatically in the last few years. A new and inspiring generation of talent has been rising up throughout all of the fashion landscape. The triumph of diversity, from the appointment of the first black editor at Vogue UK, to the first cover of Vogue magazine ever shot by a black photographer, the Nigerian-born British photographer Misan Harriman, has meant that fashion is beginning to appreciate the desire and need for values to be at the forefront of the industry.


This commitment and return to values has also been felt in the workmanship and standards imposed by brands on themselves. This is a trend that Maison Marcheval represents to the fullest. Its commitment to tradition and to using only the highest quality artisanal methods, is a way to connect to what matters most now. The world has gone through lightning paced changes in the beginning of the 21st century. Now is the time to look around us and make sure that we are building a better world for all of us. 2020 in particular will have been a year of resets in the fashion industry. It has exposed the problems of systemic waste and unsustainable fashion. We can no longer afford to buy clothes that will not last, and will only serve to pollute our planet even further, ending up in giant landfills in countries far away from the Western consumer conscience. Brands are now beginning to design their fashion products with this in mind. Maison Marcheval wants be a leader in this area. That is why it only produces products made of the very highest quality leather and materials, all of which are entirely designed to last a lifetime of use if taken care of properly.


One of the dirtiest secrets of the modern fashion world, is the seemingly endless chain of outlets, middlemen, consignment stores and charities, to sorting and recycling centres. There has been scandal after scandal with major fashion brands such as Burberry and Nike sending huge amounts of stock for destruction. Maison Marcheval stands against this wasteful trend. It seeks a return to a more ethical and artisanal way of doing things. A way of designing and producing beautiful objects that people will hold on to forever, while at the same time employing people with a true commitment to quality and values.


As we celebrate the great strides that we are making in inclusivity and diversity throughout the fashion world, we also know that there is a lot more work to be done. That is why Maison Marcheval seeks to lead the way through its products and its ambitions and not to be just another follower, so as to make the world a better and more beautiful place for all of us.



Patrick Butler