Made by Maison Marcheval




Today small businesses with a unique commercial model are more important than ever. In a world suffering from overconsumption and the relentless pace of the fashion world, a completely artisanal and handmade brand like Maison Marcheval stands out and offers a small scale solution.


 Maison Marcheval is a small business which creates its products from start to finish entirely in Paris and using only 100% French products. This is very important as it means Maison Marcheval is able to effectively limit its carbon footprint, while creating work for and using a supply chain derived from local artisans.


Maison Marcheval is also adamant about never overproducing, only creating limited collections, with each handbag being a unique product. Only once we have finished using a particular stock of leather from one of our local suppliers do we move on to new stock, rendering each Maison Marcheval collection completely original, with different colors and models then appearing in the new line of products to reflect the new stocks of leather.


We are very proud of the leather cowhide that we use, which we select very carefully in collaboration with our suppliers, and we never have new leather produced for us but only select from existing stocks so as to avoid any waste.


This leads us to having as ecologically responsible an approach to manufacturing as possible, while maintaining the very highest possible standards for our luxury leather products.


Maison Marcheval believes it can be the high end luxury alternative to many of the bigger fashion brands available, and that our customers can be confident when they buy our products that they will be purchasing an ecologically viable, 100% handmade and artisanal French product.