Discover the story behind Maison Marcheval.

Maison Marcheval is a brand full of history founded by Maude Rigaud. The brand creates leather goods that are meticulously handmade in a Parisian atelier.

The brand universe is steeped in tradition and largely inspired by the family history of its designer, composed of adventurers, wanderers and innovators, they gave her strong values and a desire to pass them on through her creations. The result is bags that combine tradition and modernity, filled with history and savoir-faire, designed to be passed on from generation to generation.

The story of the designer Maude Rigaud has largely inspired the creation of Maison Marcheval. From her mother she holds strong family values: Maude inherited her first bag, which she uses and still cherishes today, from this comes the desire to be able to pass these creations from generation to generation.


However, Vivianne Rigaud, her grandmother, truly inspired Maison Marcheval's universe. An independent and visionary woman, passionate about hunting and fashion. Vivianne lived in the family house in Sologne which is called Marcheval. All of this heritage, with a very French stamp, and bearing the values of quality, modernity and tradition, is present in the Maison Marcheval universe. Maude, the adventurer and the traveller, with a passion for horses, crafts, and of course her dog, Gaston (the emblematic figure of the brand), brings with her an eccentric touch to the marque and creations.




Each Maison Marcheval creation is conceived with a view to excellence and quality, with a focus on French craftsmanship. It is in our Parisian atelier that each model comes to life. The unique savoir-faire of our artisans can be found in each detail, embroidery, and sewing of our creations, designed to be passed on from generation to generation.




The selection of our leather holds a key place in the creation process. The leather is sourced exclusively from a 150-year-old family owned tannery located in the north of France. The specific quality of the leather production as well as the gentle and kind treatment of the cows, using sustainable farming method, guarantee only the best. The exterior of our bags is made from vegetable tanned leather, one of the oldest forms of leather manufacturing. Our more colourful leathers, which make up the inside of the bags, are French goat leathers.




The Maison Marcheval universe is steeped in tradition, adventure and elegance and draws inspiration from the family history of its creator, Maude Rigaud. An unparalleled savoir-faire that goes back to Maude's great grandparents, the Rhomberg family, the founders of the eponymous textile brand (created in Austria in 1833), established as one of the pillars of the textile industry. Imagination and creativity come from her grandmother, Felicitas Rhomberg, a fearless traveller who designed and made her own clothes, while being the muse of several painters of the time. The elegance from her mother, Gabriela Rhomberg Rigaud, who designed for the greatest couturiers; Chanel, Lanvin, Valentino, is imbued in the creations of Maison Marcheval. Added to this universe is a touch of eccentricity, inspired by the travels and adventures of Maude, which are found through vivid colors and folk details. A universe of a thousand colours, which stems from a rich family history and inspired by travels and adventures around the world.